80 Level

General / 22 mars 2019

Hey :)

I had tremendous honor to talk on 80 LEVEL about my last personal project "Dark elf Assassin"
 I'm feeling as if I've written a lot of rubbish :D But I tried to do my best, despite I'm not very good to explain my workflow.

 Big Thanks to 80level for this great Opportunity


Practice of the day

General / 07 mars 2019

I'm Started this head for my daily Lunchcrunch on donpolygon, but since I really Liked the subject, I decided to spend on it another couple of hours



Another Day, Another Speedsculpt 1h

General / 07 mars 2019

Hey everyone,
I decided to share my result and experience for our daily lunch crunch with Bao Vu https://www.artstation.com/baovu and Mike Sido https://www.artstation.com/mikesido on this blog. The donpolygon discord server is for free and for more information please visit www.donpolygon.com. You will find the link to the server there too.

1h Speedsculpt

General / 05 mars 2019

LunchCrunch 1h20

General / 11 décembre 2018

1H Lunch Crunch

General / 04 décembre 2018