I had the pleasure to work at UBISOFT Milan as a 3D Artist for MARIO+RABBIDS KINGDOM BATTLE ©.
My role has been focus on the Modelling, texturing and importing into the engine of the Heroes Rabbids, Peach and other Characters that aren't included in the final game. After the feedbacks by Nintendo, Peach's head, hair and the Crown were modified by Marco Martellato. The rest of the model has not changed
I also posed and polished all Characters Collectible for the Museum

Rabbid Peach's Smartphone By Marco Martellato
Weapons By Giuliano Boiocchi

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Marco taffelli rabbid peach white 01
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Marco taffelli rabbid yoshi white 01
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MARIO+Rabbids KINGDOM BATTLE Character collectibles

Stands By Miriam Bonetti and Marco Martellato

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